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Hot Finished seamless pipe. Quenched and Tempered. As Rolled . S.A.W. Submerged Arc Welding Tubulars. We offer a complete range of welded tubulars custom fabricated to order. Welded tubulars are available in specifications and supply conditions as required including; API 5LB. API 5L X52-X70. API 2H Grade 50. BS 7191 355D & DZ. BS 7191 355EM. BS ASTM A53 ERW Steel Pipe Inspection Process - Industry TodayCut about 100mm welded pipe, place it under the hydraulic press, the position of the weld is perpendicular to the direction of the hydraulic press, start the oil pressure, slowly press the welded pipe, press it to 3/4 of the diameter, and check whether the weld is cracked. If there is no crack, weld the seam; if there is crack, adjust the welding process parameters in time.

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The length of the straight seam steel pipe is usually 300 mm-1200 mm, and the perforation temperature of the straight seam steel pipe billet varies with different raw materials. Most of the heat-expanded straight seam steel pipes are around 1200°C. The higher the carbon content and other alloying elements, the lower the temperature. Big straight seam welded pipe main production process Oct 27, 2018 · 8. Ultrasonic inspection :inside and outside of straight seam welded steel pipe weld and weld on both sides of the base of 100% of the check; 9. X-ray :100% of inside and outside weld X-ray industrial TV inspection, using image processing system to ensure the sensitivity of detection; 10. Hole enlargement of submerged arc welding and straight seam steel pipe length hole diameter in China Longitudinal Seam Steel Pipes, Longitudinal Seam China Longitudinal Seam Steel Pipes manufacturers - Select 2021 high quality Longitudinal Seam Steel Pipes products in best price from certified Chinese Stainless Steel Product, Stainless Steel Material suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China

Non-destructive Testing of ERW Straight Seam Steel Pipe

Jun 29, 2020 · 1. Basic requirements for the appearance of ERW straight seam steel pipe welds. Before the non-destructive testing of straight seam steel pipes ( ERW pipe ), the appearance inspection of welds should meet the requirements. The general requirements for the appearance of straight seam steel pipe welds and the surface quality of welded joints are as follows: Non-destructive Testing of Straight Seam Steel PipesThe main purpose of X-ray inspection and ultrasonic inspection is the butt joint of longitudinally welded steel pipe and the butt joint of welded pipe fittings. After delayed welding, the weld is easy to crack. After cooling for a period of time, X-ray inspection and ultrasonic inspection should be Processing Technology of Straight Seam Steel PipeThe intercrystalline bonding can achieve the purpose of seam welding. High-frequency welding is a kind of induction welding (or pressure contact welding). It has no welding filler material, no welding spatter, narrow welding heat affected zone, and a very good shape. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of steel pipes.

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Generally, straight seam steel pipes with a diameter above 325 are called large-diameter steel pipes. The welding process of large-diameter thick-walled longitudinal seam steel pipe is double-sided submerged arc welding technology, and manual welding can also be carried out after the steel pipe is formed. The general inspection method is flaw Quality Requirements and Welding Temperature Large diameter straight seam welded steel pipe as the first process of pre-welding, that is to ensure quality. Pre-welding quality, not only its own quality problems, but also affect the follow-up, the quality of welding. Its quality requirements, targeted mainly as follows:1, The weld should be continuous, and the appearance of forming to avoid uneven, in order to facilitate the final quality assurance of welding; Test Methods of Straight Seam Steel PipeTest Methods of Straight Seam Steel Pipe Update:2016-04-07 View(s):1403 Keywords :Test Methods of Straight Seam Steel Pipe There are many longitudinal quality inspection method, wherein the physical method is the most commonly used test methods, physical examination is the use of some physical phenomena or measurement methods were tested.

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Apr 09, 2019 · TY89 cooler pipe straight seam welded rectangle GI/galvanized steel tube pipe making machine can produce welded tubes of different specifications (pipe diameter, thickness, and length) according to the adjustment and configuration of the machine. We divide these units into 12 What are the Inspection Methods of ERW Straight Seam Jun 12, 2020 · The detection objects and applications are generally as follows:(1) The quality inspection of the outer surface of the pipe material. (2) Detection of surface defects of important butt welds. (3) Detection of surface defects of important fillet welds.