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Summarized presentation of new features and enhancements in Ansys 2021 R1 with focus on E-Machines & power applications Ansys improved the seamless handling of multiple physical domains in Ansys Electronics Desktop, including FE based temperature and modal analyze. Biomedical Applications of Ansys Maxwell Ansys WebinarBiomedical Applications of Ansys Maxwell. Ansys Maxwell provides low-frequency electromagnetic solutions that help drive the design of biomedical devices. This webinar spotlights Maxwells capabilities for modeling human bodies, nerve stimulation with electrodes, implant compliance analysis when exposed to MRI fields, wireless charging, specific absorption rate (SAR) analysis for wearable

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In this webinar, we are going to illustrate Ansys Digital Twin solutions for heating and cooling applications with examples from the naval and defense industries, including multiple-use cases like predictive maintenance and operations optimization. . Speakers:Christophe Petre and Fabio Bonsanto Functional Safety Analysis and Support for ISO - ansysUsing the Ansys Store, you can download a catalog of applications from Ansys and our trusted partners. Visit the Ansys Store. Ansys is committed to setting today's students up for success, by providing free simulation engineering software to students. WEBINAR. Functional Safety Analysis and Support for ISO 26262 for Automotive Applications. Integrated Design System for Turbomachinery ApplicationThis webinar presents industry trends and challenges, and addresses how leading manufacturers use ANSYS simulation tools, within an integrated environment, to address these challenges and deliver superior products. Join us for this free 30 min webinar and see how our users are benefiting from the insight that computer simulation offers.

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Aug 01, 2019 · ANSYS, ANSYS Mechanical, CES Selector, design, Granta, Granta MI, Innovation, Materials, Materials Data, Materials Database, Properites, Research, Simulation, Software, Tools, Webinar Every product is made from materials, and in order to correctly select and apply said materials, decisions need to be based on analysis on the right information. Understanding and Improving Equipment Reliability - deeper waters. Among other applications this webinar highlights how ANSYS engineering simulation solutions are helping engineers design and analyze the reliability in several areas. These include threaded connections for downholes tools and pipes, evaluating the performance of elastomeric seals and large deformations that Vantablack Coatings for use in Automotive ApplicationsVantablack Coatings for use in Automotive Applications Created by:Gwenaël Moysan Ansys Application Engineer Excerpt from Ansys September 2020 Webinar:

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Mar 30, 2021 · In this webinar, we are going to illustrate Ansys Digital Twin solutions for industrial flow network applications with examples from the oil & gas and process industries, including multiple-use cases like system configuration, predictive and prescriptive maintenance, and production optimization. Time:17.00 CET Webinar:Ansys Maxwell in Ansys 2021 R1 More Detailed Jan 28, 2021 · Learn about new features in Ansys Maxwell, including a cyclic repeatability simulation technique for electric motor applications, a method to output transient electromagnetic forces from Maxwell into Ansys Motion, and a transient solver with multi Webinar:DEM in 15 Minutes:CFD-DEM Coupling This 15-minute webinar will be a live demo showing how to couple Ansys Rocky and Ansys Fluent for CFD-DEM simulations. When engineers need to assess non-spherical particle-fluid interactions, they can create a multiphysics simulation by coupling CFD and DEM using Ansys Fluent and Ansys Rocky.

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Webinars around the world of simulation Our webinars offer you a compact overview of current simulation topics and useful Ansys features. Benefit from high practical relevance and sustainable learning success. Also ideal for simulation beginners. The participation is free of charge.Getting the Most from Your Ansys Simulation Applications Webinar. Getting the Most from Your Ansys Simulation Applications. Ansys simulations help many organizations gain a competitive advantage in product innovation and design. One of the key elements for maximizing impact from simulations is to deploy the right IT infrastructure one that delivers the best performance and improves challenging