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Both Nickel 200 and 201 offer corrosion resistance in reducing and neutral media as well as in oxidizing atmospheres provided that the oxidizing media allows the formation of a passive oxide film. This oxide film accounts for the materials excellent resistance in caustic environments. Alloy 200/201 - Superior Nickel Alloys from NickelAbout Alloy 200/201 Alloy 200/201 is extremely resistance to caustic alkalies up to and including the molten state. The extra-low carbon content of Alloy 200/201 gives virtual immunity to intergranular attack above about 315°C. The presence of chlorates must be kept to


Nickel 200 is by far the most widely used. How-ever, for applications above approximately 300°C (570°F), Nickel 201 is preferred, because it has a lower carbon content and is thus resistant to graphitization. It also has higher creep resistance than Nickel 200. Another important commercially pure nickel is Duranickel alloy 301, which can be Caustic Stress Corrosion Cracking No. 13(PWR). Alloy 200 (pure nickel) is considered to be immune to all but the most severe caustic environments, including molten caustic. Corrosion Resistance of Alloys to Caustic Solutions . Carbon and Low Alloy Steels. Sodium and potassium hydroxides (both hereafter referred to as caustic) are commonly handled and stored at Nickel 200 & 201 Pipe, Valves, Fittings - U.S. Metals IncNickel 200 is commercially pure (99.0%) nickel that is highly resistant to corrosion in many environments. It is a proven product for use in plant processes having exposure to caustic soda, other alkalies and anhydrous hydrofluoric acid. Phenol is commonly stored in Nickel 200 clad steel tanks.

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The corrosion resistance of Nickel 200 makes it particularly useful for maintaining product purity in the handling of foods, synthetic fibers, and caustic alkalies; and also in structural applications where resistance to corrosion is a prime consideration. Other applications include chemical shipping drums, electrical and electronic parts, aerospace and Nickel 200 / 201 Pipe Fittings & Nickel 200 / 201 Flanges Properties of Nickel 201 Corrosion resistant in acids and alkalis and highly useful in reducing conditions. Nickel 201 resists caustic alkalies to a great level until the molten state is reached. Resistance is notable in acid, alkaline and neutral salt solutions. However, in oxidizing salt solutions severe attacks will occur. Nickel 200 Bolts - Lightning Bolt & Supply Inc.Nickel 200 bolts are essentially pure wroght nickel. At 99.6% pure nickel, it is highly resistant to reducing chemicals, and also highly resistant to caustic alkalies. Annealed nickel has a relatively low hardness, and is also favored by machinist for its ability to be welded.

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Nickel 201 (N02201) Ni 99.0 C 0.02 Cu 0.25 Fe 0.40 Mn 0.35 Si 0.35 S 0.01. High Performance Alloys stocks and produces this grade in the following forms:Bar, wire, sheet, plate, coil and forgings. Nickel Alloy Ball Valves Ni 200 / 201 Globe/ Gate ValveNickel 200/ 201:Seal Material:PTFE/ RPTFE:Working Pressure:1.6 6.4Mpa:Working Temperature-29°C +180°C. Availabe Size:1/2-4,(DN15-DN100) Available Connection:BSP/ BSPT/ NPT/ Flanged/ Welded:Nominal Pressure:P10/PN16:Operation:Manual,Pneumatic, Electric:Suitable Medium:Water,Sewage,Seawater,Gas,Food,Oils,etc:Standards Which alloy material is most resistant to caustic soda Mar 04, 2019 · Nickel and its alloys offer excellent alkali corrosion resistance for high temperature and concentration environments. Generally, the corrosion resistance of caustic soda usually increases with the increase of nickel content. In alkaline media, the most commonly used nickel alloys are Nickel 200 /201, Monel 400, Nickel 600 and 625.

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Both grades are approved under ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division 1. Nickel 200 plate is approved for service up to 600ºF (315ºC), while Nickel 201 plate is approved up to 1250ºF (677ºC). Both grades offer outstanding corrosion resistance to caustic soda and other alkalis.