t pattern steel checker plates for anti slip

Aluminum Checker Plate - Resist Corrosion and Rust

Aluminum Checker Plate for Anti-slip function. ACP-01:Checker plate made from aluminum steel. Aluminum checker plate is also called aluminum chequered plate. It is made from aluminum sheet. One side of the surface is embossed with diamond plate pattern. Aluminum Perforated Plate with Anti-slip - Checker PlatePerforated plate materials are aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet and galvanized sheet. With the lightweight features, aluminum perforated plate is usually used in flooring as checker plate. Perforated plates are used in a vast number of industries for sorting and screening any material from sugar and spice to sand and gravel.

Aluminum Tread Plate-Steel Tread Plate:China Diamond

China Manufacturer of Tread Plates, Stair Treads and Metal Security Flooring (Made in Metals of Aluminum, Stainless, and HDG Carbon Steel) We process quality stair tread plates with aluminum plate, carbon steel or other metals. Patterns available include checkered pattern, embossed pattern and diamond patterns. Chequered Plates in Aluminum, Mild Steel, SS, Manganese Anti-slip 5 small bar aluminium checker plate 1050 1060 1100 for bus floor Mangenese steel structural flooring project Chequered plates in plate form of material A36 SUS Checker plate 10 mm - 20 mm. MAIN COMMODITIES WITH SPECIFICATIONS . Mild Steel Chequered Plates. Hot rolled mild steel plate chequered Size:2mm thick 1220 x 2440mm Diamond Plate for Anti-Slipping Flooring and DecorationPerforated checker plate is made through hot-embossing or CNC punching. It has various patterns of slotted holes on surface to resist slip and keep people safe. Channel-shaped safety grating. It can be classified into diamond safety grating, round safety grating, serrated bar steel

Industrial-Grade 304 stainless steel checker plate for

These 304 stainless steel checker plate have durably reinforced formulations to help them stand immense stress from harsh environments. The 304 stainless steel checker plate come in multiple thicknesses and gauges and offer outstanding wear-and-tear resistance qualities. They are added with high-strength chemicals that can effectively resist damage by UV rays. Perforated Metal Checker Plate - Slippery Resistance Stair Checkered perforated metal plates are made with aluminum sheets or mild steel sheets. Perforated metal checkered plate has perforated or embossed patterns on one side, its reverse side remains smooth and flat. This type of metal is usually used in the areas that need slip-resistance and traction. Specification of Chequered Plate Perforated Metal:Standard Grade & Size:We supply Q195 and Q235 checker plate Stainless Steel Checker Plate - High Anti-corrosionStainless steel checker plate is made from high grade stainless steel, it is a metal sheet whose the surface has a convex pattern on one side, so it has the good anti-skid feature, and the high grade stainless steel, making ti owing the highly corrosion resistance. It can offer the excellent modern design feeling and excellent physical and chemical properties.

Steel Tread Plate - Galvanized, Painting Surface

Steel tread plate also named metal tread plate is produced with high quality low carbon steel, it can be embossed to different patterns to resist slip. The surface can be galvanized and galvanized then painting to resist corrosion and rust. It is economical and the most popular tread plate for checker plate aluminum with willow shape- Aluminum/Al foil Diamond Plate - Ideal for Anti-slip and Decoration. Diamond plate in aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel. Diamond plate pattern - willow leaf. Aluminum checker plate. Chat Now Send Inquiry; Stainless Steel Checker Plate Info, Weight Table, Stainless Steel Checkered Plate Stainless steel checker plate with beaded shape stainless steel diamond tread plate, stainless steel Advantages Showing the splendor of your quality, wear-resistant as well, strong corrosion resistance and decorative effect, durable and beautiful in good taste Pattern Show metal anti-slip inox ss304 2b stainless steel checkered plate 201 2B finish Packing Show metal anti-slip inox ss304 2b stainless steel checkered plate 201 2B finish ss304 2b

Diamond Plate - Ideal for Anti-slip and - Checker Plate

Diamond plate is also called checker plate and chequered plate. It is a lightweight metal sheet with a raised and rough surface on one side. Diamond plate is made from aluminum steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel sheet. The main feature of the checker plate is anti-slip and decorative.