shx176 steel equivalent to 4cr16mo steel

A New Pb-Free Machinable Austenitic Stainless Steel

Experiments conducted to determine the effect of copper addition on the machinabil-ity of plastic mold steel, 4Cr16Mo, were presented. The machinability of mold steel 4Cr16Mo was visibly improved CN102605285B - Austenitic stainless steel and method for The invention relates to an austenitic stainless steel which comprises the following chemical components in percent by weight:0.01-0.025% of C, 1.8-2.25% of Mn, 0.2-0.4% of Si, 20-21.5% of Cr, 10.0-11.5% of Ni, 0.02-0.04% of N, 0.020% of P or less, 0.0030% of S or less and the balance of inevitable impurities and Fe. The method for manufacturing the austenitic stainless steel comprises the

CN104178694A - Long-service life hot work die steel

The invention discloses long-service life hot work die steel which is prepared from the following raw materials in percentage by weight:0.35-0.40% of C, 0.10-0.40% of Si, 0.30-0.50% of Mn, 5.00-5.50% of Cr, 0.50-0.70% of V, 1.90-2.30% of Mo, 0.20-0.40% of Co, less than or equal to 0.005% of S, less than or equal to 0.015% of P, and the balance of Fe and inevitable impurities. Frictional properties of new developed cold work tool Sep 02, 2011 · Highlights Omnidirectionally novel AISI D2 type tool steel called SLD-MAGIC has been developed. It creates new mold market for high strength steel forming due to its self-lubricity. Friction coefficient is depressed by this property in spite near room temperature. In this study, this mechanism and role of additional element are investigated. HTTP404 Translate this pagehttp404 url ·


Translate this page[za]___ 1 1.6587 2 1018 3 1020 4 1022 5 1030 6 1040 7 1060 8 1065 9 1070 10 1075 11 1080 12 1214 13 1522 14 4037 15 4118 16 4135 17 4142 18 4320 19 mo steel Steel Heat TreatingInternational Seminar on Applications of Mo in Steels. th th June 27 -28 , 2010 Beijing Friendship Hotel C C o o n n t t e e n n t t s s Effects and Applications of Mo in Alloy Steels Mr. Dong Han, Central Iron and Steel Research Institute1 Heat-Treated Low-Alloy Carbon Steels:The Benefits of Molybdenum Mr. George Krauss, University Emeritus Professor Colorado School of Mines Golden, Colorado CN102912222A - 18MND5 low-alloy structural steel for The invention relates to the technical field of metallurgy, and aims to provide 18MND5 low-alloy structural steel for nuclear power and a technical control method for the 18MND5 low-alloy structural steel. The steel comprises, by mass, lower than or equal to 0.22% of C, from 0.10% to 0.30% of Si, lower than or equal to 0.012% of S, lower than or equal to 0.012% of P, lower than or equal to 1