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1986 West Berlin discotheque bombing Background

Mar 29, 2021 · 1986 West Berlin discotheque bombing, also called La Belle discotheque bombing, attack carried out on April 5, 1986, in West Berlin, in which Libyan agents detonated a bomb at the La Belle discotheque, a nightclub frequented by U.S. soldiers stationed in Germany during the Cold War.The bomb, packed with plastic explosives and shrapnel, killed two American soldiers and a Turkish woman Africa:The Cold Supply Chain Can't Reach Everywhere One of us, Tim Ford, is a global health researcher who has done a lot of international work on water and health where the cold supply chain cannot go, most recently in rural Haiti.

Find all the key facts about the World Bank Group's

Oct 15, 2020 · With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership:five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries. In Libya, Tunisia and Egypt hope to work hand in handApr 10, 2021 · Egypt retains, despite the years and the decline of its cultural influence in the Arab world, an image of prestige in Tunisia. Egypt is still for us Oum el dunya [the mother of the universe], that is all.We admire Egyptian cinema, the abundance of literature and the level of Egyptian music that has created divas like Oum Kalthoum, says a Tunisian film critic. Incoloy 330/SS330/Ra330 Forged Socket weld Fittings, 330 Ganpat Industrial Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Incoloy 330 / SS 330 / Ra 330 Forged Socket Weld Fittings to the clients, which are packaged to ensure that there is no damage during transit. Annealing of Incoloy 330 Forged Socket Weld Elbow is carried out at around 2050 Degree F (1120 Degree C) followed by water quenching.SS 330 Forged Socket Weld Tee are used in Hardware, Petro

Libyas war becomes a global scramble for power and

Jul 21, 2020 · Moscow had a historic relationship with Libya during the Cold War and is opportunistically making itself a key interlocutor in discussions over the countrys political future. Advertisement New mass graves from al-Kani brothers reign of terror Mar 26, 2021 · The al-Kani militia allied itself with Marshal Haftar back in 2019. But when forces loyal to the GNA retook the city in June 2020, the militias rule was over and the brothers fled. It was only then that the authorities began the difficult work of excavating the mass grave sites the al Russian FM:US-Russia Relations Worse Than During Cold Apr 28, 2021 · Russian FM:US-Russia Relations Worse Than During Cold War The Biden administration has been extremely hostile to Russia through sanctions, rhetoric, and support for Ukraine by Dave DeCamp Posted

Strategic Petroleum Reserve Department of Energy

History of SPR Releases. The following provides a brief description of the times when crude oil has been released from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR).. Emergency Drawdowns:The SPR exists, first and foremost, as an emergency response tool the President can use should the United States be confronted with an economically-threatening disruption in oil supplies. The So-Called Cold War 2.0 Isnt about Nuclear Weapons Apr 05, 2021 · The so-called Cold War 2.0 brewing between the US and China/Russia bears little resemblance to the post Second World War scenario. The present scenario is different in two fundamental ways:it does not have roots in two opposing ideologies of communism and capitalism, with one trying to overwhelm the other, and it is least about establishing military superiority in terms of Turkeys goal in Caucasus was to increase Russias role Jan 03, 2021 · Turkey and Russia are increasingly becoming strategic partners in an effort to work with Iran and remove the US from the Middle East. This is Turkeys overall goal,

UN agrees to deploy cease-fire monitors in Libya

Apr 17, 2021 · The U.N. Security Council has authorized international monitors to watch over a nearly six-month-old cease-fire agreement in Libya as the country heads toward December elections after a decade of fighting and upheaval. In a vote announced Friday, the council unanimously approved Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recent proposal for up to 60 monitors to join an existing political mission in Navigating the complexities around a COVID vaccine in AfricaJan 26, 2021 · About 22 African countries can be said to have a working cold-chain system for routine vaccines stored at the regular 2°C to 8°C temperature. They